Community Mental Health Centers

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Twenty-one out of the twenty-six community mental health centers (CMHCs) in Kansas are taking the opportunity to participate in layered PBS support training and planning activities through the KS Mental Health Positive Behavior Support Project. CMHCs receive incentives to help cover the expenses related to staff training. The utilization of the evidence based practice of positive behavior support will provide additional resources to CMHCs and the communities they serve, ultimately increasing likelihood of children staying in their homes, communities and schools. Click here to see a map of PBS Mental Health activities across the state.

The KMHPBS project staff conducted interviews and focus groups with mental health professionals, advocates, and family members in Kansas to collect information that helped inform training efforts. The training initiative blends elements from the established KIPBS intensive training system and input from Kansas stakeholders and nationally-recognized leaders in positive behavior support. Click here to view an overview presentation on the project given to the Governor's Mental Health Services Planning Council's Children's Subcommittee.

Project staff (in partnership with regional trainers) are currently working with CMHCs to do team-building and action planning within their centers as well as gearing up for intensive level onsite and online training. Click here for the intensive level training schedule.