Positive Behavior Support Awareness Learner

We are conducting this study to better understand how much you already know about wraparound, person-centered planning, and positive behavior support prior to the KMHPBS training. We will be inviting you to complete this survey at the end of the training as well to help us evaluated the effectiveness of the KMHPBS project. This will entail your completion of an online survey that takes approximately 30 minutes to complete.

The content of the questionnaires should cause no more discomfort than you would experience in your everyday life. Although participation may not benefit you directly, we believe that the information obtained from this study will help us gain a better understanding of the impact of the KMHPBS training and we appreciate your willingness to consider this activity. Your participation is solicited, although strictly voluntary. Your name will not be associated in any way with the evaluation findings. Your identifiable information will not be shared unless (a) it is required by law or university policy, or (b) you give written permission. It is possible, however, with internet communications, that through intent or accident someone other than the intended recipient may see your response.

If you would like additional information concerning this study before or after it is completed, please feel free to contact us by phone or mail: Dr. Rachel Freeman 785-864-4057 or rfreeman@ku.edu.

Completion of the survey indicates your willingness to participate in this project and that you are over the age of eighteen. If you have any additional questions about your rights as a research participant, you may call (785) 864-7429 or (785) 864-7385 or write the Human Subjects Committee Lawrence Campus (HSCL), University of Kansas, 2385 Irving Hill Road, Lawrence, Kansas 66045-7563, email irb@ku.edu.