What is PBS?

What is Positive Behavior Support?

Positive Behavior Support refers to a set of systems, tools and processes for organizing the social, educational, biomedical, physical, and logistical supports needed to help individuals across the lifespan achieve a higher quality of life while reducing problem behaviors that may prevent positive outcomes for these individuals. The core defining features of Positive Behavior Support include:

  • The application of research‐validated applied behavioral science;
  • Integration of emotional, physiological, and biomedical supports;
  • Ecologically valid, practical interventions that reflect the values of the individual and his/her team;
  • Commitment to socially important and durable lifestyle outcomes; and
  • Implementation of support within family and organizational systems to ensure sustainable change over time.

An important practice that should be included within the PBS process is often referred to as either Person-centered planning (PCP) or wraparound planning.