The purpose of the Kansas Mental Health Positive Behavior Support (KMHPBS) project is to increase both quality of life and the likelihood that children and young adults with mental health needs and challenging behavior will be able to live successfully in their home, school, and community settings. The project is organized into three major activities:

  1. creating online resources, training systems, and materials collaboratively with Mental Health Center Professionals,
  2. providing Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility (PRTF) Teams with information about preventing problem behavior via
    facility-wide positive behavior support, and
  3. scheduling statewide leadership meetings that will gather and summarize information from families, mental health
    professionals, and the community in order to create recommendations for large-scale prevention of problem behavior.

The focus of this project is to work collaboratively with leaders at all levels within Mental Health Services to implement a PBS training system that uses evidence-based approaches to create outcomes that are both effective and sustainable. Over half of the funding for this effort is returned to community mental health centers in the form of resources and incentives. Sustainability will be achieved through existing Kansas positive behavior support funding, training, and technical assistance systems.